Thursday, 28 June 2012

A useful link and musings on photoshop

For my swing photos I like to give them a vintage feel. 
It may be something that is over done at the moment but I don't care!
I love old style photographs and film photography but sometimes film isn't a 
practical option. When photographing swing dancing I prefer to use my DSLR 
as I can take as many photos as a I like and not 
worry about blurring or dark/lightness. 
This is important when the subjects are moving very fast like swing dancers do!

I then usually use photoshop to crop and create a vintage feel to the pics. 
For the swing photos at Christmas I had the time to experiment. I loved having 
different effects and played with the idea of different era styles. 

(I save each photo under a name that will remind me of how I created 
the effect). 

However. Photoshop takes time. I love doing it, I love sitting with a big cup 
tea and playing on it but sometimes time isn't on my side. 
SO I was really happy when I found this amazing website: 

You can upload a photo and try a huge amount of different tricks and treats!
It's got really cool tools and speeds up polishing photos when you need to. 


Future Sounds of Swing!

Hello! Today I finally managed to sort out my photographs 
from Aprils Future Sounds of Swing camp in Leeds. 
It's been an insanely busy couple of months and it was really nice to
be able to come back to these. 

Swing dancing is totally amazing! And swing dancers are 
some of the loveliest people! When I first started dancing
asking people to dance was terrifying- a social dance without any instruction 
scared me so much, it didn't for long because everyone is so welcoming!

A great weekend was had! Bring on the next dance!

Ps. I posted some photos from our Christmas Swing thing here.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

More Calendar Recycling!

A few months ago I posted about recycling old calenders. 
Here is another project I completed with the same calendar. 
Note Books! 

I made them in a very similar way to the earring holders; the main difference is that I back the patterned paper on light card - the same thickness you'd use to make a greetings card is best. I just used a glue stick to attach the calendar page but a spray on adhesive would give a good even and thorough coverage.

2. For the pages, I cut out lined paper from a very boring plain spiral bound notepad. 

3. I had to experiment with how many pages of paper the sewing machine could cope with (again using the needle now devoted to sewing paper). I think about 20 is the absolutely maximum but the trick is to try a couple of millimetres of paper and if the needle doesn't push through not to force it. Just remove a few sheets until the needle can push through the sheets without too much effort. 

4. I used a wide stitch again (remember too small a stitch and the paper will just tear). I sewed a straight stitch and then a zigzag for extra strength.  

My new notebook is going to be used to jot down ideas for my blogs! 
Have you seen my art blog? 

For my second book I sewed lined paper on one side  and left the other side free to decorate with another pattern. 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

An English Country Garden

I wanted to share with you some pictures I took today
of my mum's beautiful garden. I think it's the perfect 
example of an English garden in summer.