Sunday, 26 February 2012

Make-up Musings

A bit of a summery look that would look much better with loose beachy waves...
I used metallic eyeshadow and bronzer to warm me face up in these wintery months. 
I went for a berry lipgloss to finish things off. 
To make my eyelashes stand out a bit more I smudged eyeliner into the outer corners of my upper lids before adding mascara. 

Me and Jamie went to Forge Dam for a wintery walk! 
I love dressing up for walks - you look pretty and practical


Boots! That is all


Gift Wrapping Ideas

I always try and recycle paper when I'm wrapping presents.  I really like presents that look 
beautiful but I think its more important to be environmentally friendly. 
Quite often I will collect up the paper after everything is unwrapped and put it back in the scrap paper drawer! 

These presents are wrapped with a cut up brown paper bag and newspaper. I search through the paper for cool pictures or relevant headlines! 

This paper came from the inside of some boots I bought! 

I recycled a Graze box and covered the writing with stickers. 
For all the presents I used Cath Kidston stickers to jazz them up. 
The book of stickers was £7 and has lasted me through Christmas and many 
birthdays, jam jars and letters. I still have loads left so it was good value for money.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A lovely link!

When I found this I was blown away! I've printed some of my favourites out to cover my notebooks with but I would love to buy one of the proper prints! 

Here are some of my favourites (If I have to choose!) 


Peppermint Creams

Me and my brother turned the house in a sweet factory this Christmas to make these 
yummy pepper mint creams
Mum got in on the act and helped create handmade boxes for the goodies. 
We added some food colouring to a bit of the mix and covered the others in either dark, 
milk or white chocolate.

Heres a link to the recipe we used.

 A little late for Christmas but who says thats only time for treats! 

An Otley Day Trip!

One of the best bits about Leeds is that you can so easily get out of the city.
We took a day trip to the little town of Otley. We took a walk in the woods 
(and through a field of rather confused looking sheep when we got a bit lost).

ABOVE: The boy and the housies! 

Jamie had great fun with the camera as I took in the surroundings.
We ended the day with a very yummy pub lunch 

My puppies

Okay so technically they aren't puppies anymore! Anyone with dogs will agree that your dogs 
are always puppies though! 

I had a very half-hearted attempt at bookeh stenciling my cameras lense with some card.
It didn't really work but heart shaped puppy photos is a good thing in my opinion! 

Wrong season - still tasty!!

Wrong season - still pretty!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Our Living Room!

Our shelf is a shrine to pretty and our obsession with tea. 

The mugs are one of the many thing I am 'looking after' for my international ladies...

Erin love's to dry roses and they're all over our house now! 
The photo frame was my Christmas present from Felicia. 
The snowman is pretty much settled now 
(it seems unseasonal but actually its only just snowed here)
Excuse the bubble wrapped candle...  

The map shows where all our old housemates are this year :) it doesn't look as far away here! 

I made mini bunting from the calendar and added a couple of beads to weigh it down properly.