Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gift Wrapping Ideas

I always try and recycle paper when I'm wrapping presents.  I really like presents that look 
beautiful but I think its more important to be environmentally friendly. 
Quite often I will collect up the paper after everything is unwrapped and put it back in the scrap paper drawer! 

These presents are wrapped with a cut up brown paper bag and newspaper. I search through the paper for cool pictures or relevant headlines! 

This paper came from the inside of some boots I bought! 

I recycled a Graze box and covered the writing with stickers. 
For all the presents I used Cath Kidston stickers to jazz them up. 
The book of stickers was £7 and has lasted me through Christmas and many 
birthdays, jam jars and letters. I still have loads left so it was good value for money.

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