Friday, 30 March 2012


Very happy hens aren't the only reward we get from 
the girls! We also get tasty eggs and the freshest you can get. 
The happier they get the more egg we get! 
It's a win win situation. 

A Trip to Bradford

So to continue our plan make the most of the North whilst we're up there, me and Jamie
took ourselves to Bradford for the day. We went to the Cathedral and the National Media Museum.
The museum has the most amazing camera display with example of cameras from the invention
of cameras! 

The best bit was a visit to Bombay Stores. It's a HUGE department store that sells
the most beautiful sari fabrics. I could have spent all day there! 
I bought some gorgeous (and cheap) fabric for myself and for 
Sarah's birthday - I'm going to make a swing skirt for her this weekend! 

Chick chick chick chick chicken!!

Say hello to the girls! These are Hetty, Elsa and Nancy (see what we did there)

 The girls are rescue chickens - they are ex-battery hens and as you can
see they are in need of our TLC. We are very willing to give them all our love!
 They're still pretty small and have a few bald patches (especially Hetty who had a bald bum)

 It's so rewarding to see them getting more confident and finding out what their favourite foods.
What we all discovered is that they are wild for corn on the cob! 

 Here is Nancy giving the camera a discerning look and deciding it wasn't corn. 

Their home.
They're home