Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Recycling Old Calendars

I had a HUGE MASSIVE deadline last week and worked on nothing but my essay for many many hours and days. 
So when I finished I celebrated by crafting! I put on Downton Abbey Christmas special (which I had recorded for this exact purpose) and sat for hours with an old calendar and lots of ideas!

The first thing I made was an earring holder. I stay at my boyf's on the weekend and this is a great way of carrying them. 

1. The cover of the calendar was double sided so I cut it up and folded it so it had a wrap round cover. 
2. I then cut two pieces of felt slightly smaller that the back of the 'book'
3. Next, I sewed the the two pieces of felt to the back. I didn't change the needle in my machine but I suspect that sewing through the card might blunt the needle a bit so I think I'll save a particular needle for stuff like this. I used a wide zig-zag stitch because if the stitch is too small the card might rip. 
5. Then you can just wiggle the earrings through the back piece of felt. The top piece protects the card from the earrings. 
6. I had a plastic packet that I safety pinned to the front piece to keep some hair pins and stud earrings in. 

7. I punched a hole in one side and tied some twine to tie it shut. 

I made two earring holders. One with a contrasting felt page and one with a purple foam page. They both sew really easily. 

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