Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Welcome to Leeds

Decorating my student room is literally the FIRST thing I do when I move in. I hate the blank walls and boxes of stuff lying around. Since the quality of the walls and paint job isn't great I decided more is more! As a student you tend to only stay for a year in a house and decorating isn't an option. So posters, throws and (in Leeds) lots and lots of blankets for the best make it feel like home. I don't tend to put up too many photos as they can make me feel sad if I see them when I'm home sick, so instead I obsessively maintain photo albums. But that is for another post and another day.

A home made quilt, and art prints. 
Gustav Klimt's The Kiss is what waking up in the morning should be. 
Van Gogh's Almond Blossom is fabulous and the scale perfect for that wall.
I was so so soooo pleased when I moved in to find this gorgeous wardrobe! Do you think they'll notice if I take it with me at the end of the year? 

I bought the Mucha poster because of my visit to Prague last year. 
His women are real women with boobs and bums and bellies and they're ridiculously beautiful.
And if you look closely you'll spot my tiny astronomical clock from Prague too. 

A £6 lamp, a money box (surprisingly affective way of saying money) 
and box that is literally filled with everything I love. I think the box deserves its own post.

I am obsessed with book shelves! I want a huge one in every room. I love buying books for my course at uni - I see it as stocking up for my future house. 
My gorgeous bookends were made for me by beautiful Jess for my 18th birthday 
and the gorgeous girls of number 11. 
The wool is alpaca and the softest I've ever felt. Jamie bought it for me from the local farm he cycles to. 

The only way I remember to wear necklaces is to have them on display. I made these board by pinning drawing pins along the top to hang things on and pinning free wallpaper samples on as a background. 

With a continuing theme of practicality and kissing. 
The fan I bought to take to swing dances (again await a post! It will be very worth it - for now hit youtube) I like to show off my rainbow headphones too so they rest on a pin when not being used. 
The post cards are from degree shows and the picture is Frederick Leighton's Flaming June.

A silk sari covers my ugly plastic tool chest.

You can catch a glimpse of my 99p film camera from a charity shop in Headingly. Not the most advanced but I love it still! 

And finally... I have to display my infinity dress because the net would take up half the wardrobe. But I think it works as decoration for the wall as well as for me! I'll put photos up as soon as I get a chance to wear it somewhere. This is the blog I got my tutorial from - its a really good set of instructions. 

I am truly blessed to have an adopted grandma in the form of Iris Lapiniere. We met when she lived next to my godmother and we found out that she is a dog sitter. I can't imagine life without this wonder woman! She has the most amazing stories to tell is my inspiration.
Every time I see her, she gives me some sort of amazing gorgeous piece of vintage as casually as though she's lending you a pen. The two trunks above are my most treasured gifts. The larger square one was from the school she worked at - she found it when she got her job there. The flatter one (that belonged to the mysterious J.M.WOOD was used by her friend to travel her from India!!! I can't believe I am entrusted with such beauties.  

The note I just found... it found its way to Leeds from Bristol. My mother doesn't choose to leave notes saying   - "I have taken the dogs a walk and will be back soon" 
Why say that when you can be far more amusing? 

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