Friday, 20 April 2012

Musings on Stick on Nails Varnish

I've seen these stick on nail varnishes everywhere lately.
The designs you can get are awesome and way beyond what I could achieve 
with traditional nail varnish. 

I was a Lindy camp this weekend so the timing for polka dot nails was perfect. I got loads of compliments but I remain unconvinced by them...

Far off they look really fab but under closer inspection, they don't sit 
completely flat against the nail. The packet says they last up to ten day but
they started to peel quickly.

Essentially, it feels a bit like wearing plasters on your nails. 
I don't think they're very good for your nails either...
I still love them :) 
If there's a big event you're going to I would recommend them!
I think they'd also work better if you cut them up and used strips to add accents to your nails.

They're not practical. But practical is overrated sometimes.

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