Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beautiful Berlin

This week May and I have been to Berlin to visit 
Emma whose been living there since September. 

Almost immediately I realised that everything and everyone in Berlin
is really really cool. 
Vintage shops, Art galleries in squats, creativity is overflowing 
from the place. 
Berliners have a really laid back style with baggy jeans and fabulous hair.
Lots of dreadlocks, lots of tattoos aaah I just can't describe how COOL 
Berlin is....So I'll just show you my photos! 

Here is May! This was in a COOL cafe with such good cake and smoothies.

There are posters and graffiti EVERYWHERE
and I would say 90% of it is really high quality. 

But it's hard to take photos of really big pieces like these. 

More to come 

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