Saturday, 16 June 2012

Some more Berlin

On our last night was spent eating Burritos 
in a gorgeous vegetarian restaurant and then hopping next door to 
a very COOL jazz club.  
Berlin clubbing STARTS at 4 and goes on until 11 in the morning 
so when we arrived at 11 and left at 2.30 Emma had to explain 
that this was in fact an early night. 

The Veggie place and the Jazz place were in an old 
industrial estate. It hasn't been changed much but simply 
This makes for a beautiful layout that remains chilled out. 

One of the wonderful things about Berlin 
is there is no pressure to look a certain way.
Sometimes when I'm out in Leeds I sometimes feel
a bit undressed if I've not devoted my whole day to getting ready.
Don't get me wrong - that is FUN to do! 
But I also loved being able to wear sensible shoes and a cardi!

The light fittings in the Jazz place were taps! 

Berlin still has photo booths that take 4 separate photos! 
I obviously love this because :
1. It's got a vintage vibe (that's all I need to be sold but it goes on)
2. You get to mess around 4 times (12 for us because we all wanted our own strip)  
3. Black and white photos and beautiful. 

 Top centre: my BIG face took up too much room. 

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