Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Hens - an update

This is a very happy post because our chickens are looking so much better! 
They're barely recognizable from the girls i left at Easter!




Their plumage is brilliant now. There was a slight hiccough
a few weeks back because they got a little agoraphobic. They've gone from being 
"cooped up" to having all the space a chicken could dream of.
We changed the set up so instead if the whole garden the have a smaller space and 
can going inside their house! 

Fixing the agoraphobia meant they stopped plucking out their feathers.
Plan B was to buy them chicken waistcoats to protect their feathers. I will admit 
I'm slightly sad we couldn't do plan B...

Hetty is looking the best right now her plumage is beautiful
the others have a little more growing to do.

Elsa still has some feather growing to do!

Mum describes Nancy's feathers as frilly knickers.

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